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This is a tool to measure the level of specific gravity value and also a measure of the thickness of electrolyte. It is used to detect irregularities of each slot of the battery, or short circuit in one of the battery slots. If the specific gravity value does not concur with the specified range, the battery must be recharged (in case of a new battery pack). If one of the slots is found to have a lower specific gravity value than the rest of the battery slots, then it may be analyzed and concluded that there is a short circuit inside that specific slot (in the case of used battery). Electrical Load of the Battery Specific Gravity Value Voltage 100 % 75 % 50 % 25 % 1.250 1.230 1.200 1.170 12.60 12.40 12.20 12.00 (needs to be recharged)่

How to Detect Battery Deterioration

When you need to refill distilled water very often (for standard battery) When the headlights are not very bright When it is difficult to start the engine in the morning (slow sound of engine rotation) Electric windows move slower and other electrical systems seem to work at a slower pace After the battery has been used for 1.5-2 years When the alternator is unable to function properly Swollen plate(s) Electrolyte level drops (dries out) to a lower level (plates emerge above electrolyte level)

Battery Maintenance

Clean the electrical wires, both positive and negative, as well as the battery with warm water. Always wipe them dry with a cloth. Regularly check and clean the electrodes and coat them with Vaseline to prevent efflorescence. Regularly check the level of distilled water. Do not let it dry. Do not fill the distilled water above the indicated maximum level or below the minimum level. Regularly check the level of electrical current. Examine the alternator when the electrical system is weakened. Examine and ensure that the battery is firmly installed. Do not add any colored electrolyte or colored distilled water (non-transparent) Do not smoke while inspecting the level of distilled water as it can easily explode The warning light on Free Maintenance Battery (Dry Battery) acts as the signal for electrical power (blue = acceptable power level; orange/red = battery needs to be recharged or refilled with distilled water; white = battery is not functioning or has deteriorated and needs to be replaced).

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