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Brake System

Cautions and Maintenance for the Brake System

1. Brake fluid should be changed every 25,000 km.
2. Do not reuse the discharged brake fluid
3. If brake fluid spills over the car and its color, clean it off at once
4. Air-bleeding should be done only if you have thorough knowledge on the brake system of that car model
5. Do not ever use the brake fluid in place of lubricant or grease
6. Brake fluid made from mineral oil can be used in some car models or as specified by some car manufacturers only
7. Brake fluid made by the same chemical substances, with the same SAE standard, or with the same DOT standard can be mixed together
8. Grease to be applied on the rubber seal in the brake system must be made from vegetable oil only
9. Do not mix brake fluid of different standards or different chemical ingredients

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