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Types of Brake Pad

Brake pad is a tool that creates friction when pressure is made on the brake disk or drum brake. It can be divided into 2 types:


1. The fibrous silicate mineral known as asbestos. When the brake is pressed upon, the material will turn into white powder, producing air pollution. This type of brake pad was used in the past. It is quiet but does not work effectively in high heat or wet conditions.


2. Graphite and carbon type: when the brake is pressed upon, the material becomes black powder. This type of brake pad works well and effectively in high heat and wet conditions.


Quality of brake pad produced from fibrous silicate mineral


Pros :
• The brake pad has high rate of friction
• Its soft texture makes it less possible to produce noise
• It is easy to find and at a low cost


Cons :
• It has low heat-resistance ability, and may possibly fade or become slippery when strenuously used
• Harmful to the environment and human beings. It can cause lung cancer.
• Easily eroded because of its soft texture
• The brake range fluctuates with temperature


Quality of brake pad with no fibrous silicate mineral in the ingredient


Pros :
• Higher heat-resistance quality
• Not harmful to the environment


Cons :
• High cost of production

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