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Engine System

Suspension System

There are 2 main components to the system: the spring and the shock absorber that work together in harmony. The spring is responsible to support the weight of the car from the top, and also absorb shocks, support vibrations and any bouncing movements made by the axle housing, by turning them into vibrating waves. The shock absorbers’ role is to act as a hindrance or reduction of shocks and vibrations, with the spring absorbing the bouncing movements of the axle housing. This system uses the stickiness of liquid to resist the bounciness of the suspension system’s spring. As a result, it supports the weight of the car, engine, passengers as well as all of the items stored in the car. Not to mention its ability to absorb shocks produced by the road conditions, and to assist the driver in effectively taking control of every change in directions on any road conditions with any speed. The most important components in the suspension system are spring and shock absorber.
Types of Suspension
- Rigid Suspension
- Independent Suspension

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