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Motor oil and filter

Basic Functions of Engine Oil

1. Lubricate components of the engine
When the engine is running, the components of the engine namely piston ring, piston and crankshaft are moving against each other, and hence, producing resistance or friction and also corrosion. Engine oil will seep through and penetrate between the surfaces of the components, in order to reduce friction, and hence, lengthen the life of the engine.

2. Cooling system
While the engine is running, heat will be produced and accumulated within the components of the engine. Since water and air cannot get through to help extracting the heat, the engine oil needs to infiltrate to absorb heat produced by each and every component. As such, it helps to control and maintain a suitable temperature of the engine, in order for it to function properly and efficiently.

3. Cleansing system
While the engine is running, dirt and carbon residues are produced and remain on the many components, as a result of combustion. Engine oil plays the part of the detergent, by cleaning all residues from the surfaces of the components, in preventing any harm and damage that may occur as a result.

4. Protection from corrosion caused by rust and acid
Acid and water are the products of fuel combustion. Humidity in the air is the main causation of rust, leading to corrosion and inefficiency of the engine components, especially when under-standard or illicit fuel is used, and when the vehicle has been left unused for a long time. Engine oil acts as a protective shield, coating and protecting the surfaces of the engine components.

5. Prevent the loss of compression pressure
Normally, the components’ surfaces are not smooth, especially around piston ring whose direct role is to prevent compression leakage. The piston ring is also in contact with the cylinder at all time, whose surface is also not smooth. The engine oil needs to penetrate and fill in the spaces, in order to prevent compression leakage from the combustion chamber – the factor that would cause lack of engine power.

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