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Shock Absorber

Factors that Produce Damage on Shock Absorber

Can happen with several reasons.

1. Severe impacts can cause the shock absorber to crack and create leaks, making it unable to control the extending or compressing spring movements whilst driving on gravels or falling into pits and ditches. As a result, the spring will extend and compress to its maximum compression range, causing collision between the components;

2. When it is difficult to control the vehicle, it means that the shock absorber loses its control of the spring. Therefore, it causes the suspension part of the car to bounce until the wheels lift up, and hence, losing contact with the road surface, especially when cornering. One damaged shock absorber can affect the vehicle balance, making it unsafe to drive;

3. Unusual wear-out of the tyre is another symptom indicating abnormality of the shock absorber, especially when the tyres wear out unevenly, with dips in some but not all sections;

4. Collapsed coil spring: Forced usage of damaged shock absorber will cause the entire suspension system to deteriorate, especially the coil spring, because the shock absorber will not be able to control or protect irregular spring movements.

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