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Shock Absorber

Selecting Shock Absorber

Factors to consider when you want to buy shock absorber.

  • Besides the brand, price and the type of shock absorber, you also have to consider the extension and compression range of the shock absorber. The next thing to consider is the shock absorber mount. You may have already been in a situation when you have bought it but it does not fit, and therefore, cannot be installed. There are 5 main types of shock absorber mount, and the best way to ensure the purchase of a correct type is to bring the old one along for comparison purpose. Moreover, the upper and lower mounts are usually not the same type/size.
  • This is especially true for the front suspension part of pickup trucks, because of the size of the shock absorber cylinder. Most pickup trucks use double wishbone suspension system, and the shock absorber is usually installed in between the upper control arms. If the cylinder is too large, the shock absorber will create friction or collide with the control arms, causing the shock absorber to work inefficiently or deteriorate too soon.
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