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Shock Absorber

The Type of Gas Shock Absorber

Gas Shock absorber has 2 types

  • Low-pressure gas shock absorber is very similar to other hydraulic shock absorbers. The only difference is that, it is filled with nitrogen gas – a low-pressure gas – in the top portion of the oil reserve chamber. The pressure is approximately 10-15 kg/cm2 or 142-213 pounds/inch2

  • High-pressure gas shock absorber: The difference between high-pressure and low-pressure gas shock absorbers is the internal structure. High-pressure shock absorber has only one oil chamber, and no oil reserve chamber. Inside the cylinder, the hydraulic oil is located on top and the nitrogen gas – a low-pressure gas – at the bottom, in order to maintain the gas pressure at around 20-30 kg/cm2 or 284-427 pounds/inch2 with the floating piston as a separator between the hydraulic oil and nitrogen gas.

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