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Shock Absorber

Types of Shock Absorber

The shock absorber has 2 types.

There are 2 types of shock absorber, differentiated by the operational system, as follows:

  • Oil Shock Absorber : This type of shock absorber uses only hydraulic oil to create viscosity. While operating, the hydraulic oil flows through the valve inside the piston, producing air bubbles in the oil flow. The air bubbles cause the shock absorber to work less efficiently, especially for high-speed cars. If the bubbles break, the shock absorber will also lose its operating momentum at intervals and in a short period.
  • Gas Shock Absorber : This type of shock absorber needs joint forces between nitrogen gas and hydraulic oil in its operation. When the shock absorber receives the vibration from the road condition, the piston will slide down to the bottom of the cylinder, allowing the hydraulic oil in the cylinder to flow through the valve up to the top of the oil chamber, with another portion of oil flowing through the valve down to the oil reserve chamber. At the same time, the oil in the reserve chamber will apply pressure to the nitrogen gas in order to create pressure. The gas pressure will push the hydraulic oil in the oil reserve chamber back to the cylinder, while at the same time, air bubbles will be broken apart by the pressure.
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