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Durability versus Load Capacity

Load Capacity with tire life.

Load capacity has a high impact on the tyre life and durability. Therefore it is important to control the load capacity and the air pressure inside the tyre to ensure that all the tyres can support the load. If the weight of the vehicle exceeds the load capacity of the tyre:
- The carcass near the sidewall or the bead can break or explode due to inability to withstand the load pressure.
- Heat will build up inside the tyre and reduce the connectivity between the carcass and the tread which can cause separation.
- Excessive twisting of the tread causing the tyre to wear out quickly and unevenly which can shorten the tyre life.


The graph that indicates the relationship between the load capacity and tyre durability
- 80% load, increases durability/tyre life up to 160%
- 100% load, increases durability/tyre/life up to 100%
- 130 %, load, reduces durability/tyre life to 60%
- 150% load, reduce durability/tyre life to 40%

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