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Composition and Type of Tread

The tread components can be either natural or synthetic rubber depending on how the tyre will be used. 

Natural rubber provides flexibility and can distribute heat effectively but can wear out quickly. 

Synthetic rubber provides less flexibility and average heat distribution but has a long tread life.

 Components of the tread

1. Tread – the part that touches the road surface and with the ability to grip the road
2. Grooves - help remove water and mud from the tyre
3. Lugs – helps grip the road and add flexibility to the tread.

The 3 types of treads:






Special feature

60% Tread  : 40%  Grooves / High road adhesion area

The tread pattern is continuous.

40% Tread  : 60%  Grooves / Free tread pattern

Increase the ability to poke

50% tread: 50% tread / free tread pattern

Arranged like a RIB type


Tyre grip,  Cornering precision and
Confident wet performance  

High performance in off-Road

Balance performance in Highway and off-Road

Additional features

There is a small groove in the tread. Helps increase flexibility

And the force of the paw

The treads have a square shape.

Reinforced with small grooves in the tread Helps increase flexibility

And the force of the paw


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