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Tyre rotation, alignment and balancing

Why tyre rotation, alignment and balancing are necessary?

The objective of tyre rotation is to keep wear patterns even. This is especially evident in the front wheels where the tyre pressure and unbalanced wheels can reduce the durability of the tyre. As such, wheel balancing and aligning is important to increase tyre durability and reduce irregular tread wear, steering wheel vibration and also steering resistance.
- To increase tyre life, tyres should be rotated every 10,000 km. and the wheel alignment and balancing regularly performed every 4-6 months or every time the new set of tyres is installed, or when irregular tread wear is noticed.
- Before performing wheel balancing, ensure that your wheels and tyres are in good condition, spin smoothly and not out-of-round, otherwise, the wheel balancing will be ineffective.
- Rear-wheel balancing is also important, therefore, it is best to perform 4-wheel alignment and balancing all at the same time.

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