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Windshield Wiping Home page

Wiper Blade

Wiper Blade Wiper blade consists of the following components:- Rubber Blade: To wipe the windshield surface - Leaf Spring Packing: To push the rubber blade closely against the windshield surface - Levers: For fastening and installation of rubber blade - Clips: For installation of wiper blade to wiper arm

Window Cleaning Solution

Window cleaning solution comes in a liquid form with alcohol as the main ingredient, mixed with water, solvent and rust-prevention substance. The solution is used to clean the windshield. Window cleaning solution will not damage any rubbers or colours, but will cleanse away dirt, oil stain and residues when the wiper blades are in operation mode.Factors that cause deterioration of wiper blades Wiper blades deteriorate, causing low visibility especially for far distance, as a result of the following factors: - The end surface of the rubber blade wears out as a result of usual wiper operations and its lifetime; - Since it is impossible to avoid dirt and fine grains of sand between the rubber blade and the surface of the windshield while driving, the undesirable result from eroded rubber blades are the streaks being made on the windshield while wiping; - The rubber blades will become hardened over time, and the longer the wiper blades are used. As a result, the blades lose their flexibility, and hence, incur defects from windshield wiping operation such as tottering wiper blades, etc.What is the lifetime of wiper blades? It is difficult to say exactly when one should change the wiper blades. However, the cost of blade changing is rather low, and therefore, it is recommended that wiper blades are changed on a yearly basis, more or less the same time the car is due for check-up. Recommendation: To ensure that the wiper blades work effectively throughout its lifetime, you should regularly spray some water onto the windshield surface, to rid the residues of dirt and sand from the wiper blades and windshield surface, even when the rain already starts to fall.What happens if oil stain/residues are left on the windshield surface, and how to clean the stain/residues? When oil stain or residues are left on the surface of the windshield, drops of water on the windshield will become uneven, which in turn, will cause irregular light reflection on the windshield surface, not to mention the possibility of wiper blade tottering. Some ingredient in the window cleaning solution, however, can remove the oil stain and residues from the surface of the windshield through absorbency. As such, when the window cleaning solution is applied at the same time the windshield wiper is in operation, the oil stain will be removed. However, if the amount of oil stain/residues on the windshield surface is large, then the window cleaning solution is needed to thoroughly clean the windshield surface.You need to rely on the wiper blades for total visibility in all climates Wiper blades play a significant role in providing high visibility in all types of climate, especially when it rains. A wiper blade consists of motor, link, arm and blade, with the blade playing a direct role in wiping away dirt and rain from front windshield.Factors that make up a good quality wiper blade 1. The blade will work effectively and efficiently, with approximately 0.01-0.05mm distant between the edge of the rubber blade and the windshield surface; 2. The blade must have the durability and heat resistance quality. The rubber used for the wiper blade must be of high quality, meaning that it must be ultraviolet, ozone and exhaust resistant; 3. The rubber blade must also be chemical resistant, more specifically, resistant to methanol and other solvents used for window cleaning; 4. The rubber blade must be anti-corrosion. In other words, it must have rust-resistance quality and must not be its carrier, in order to protect the blade from sulfite in the air; 5. The blade must be stable. It must not lift up when the wiping speed is high.Signs that say ‘change your wiping blade at once’ You must change your wiping blade as soon as you notice the following signs: 1. A lot of streaks or smudgy marks being made on the windshield surface that cause unclear visibility when using the wiper; 2. When the wiper blade leaves a large smear on the windshield surface; 3. When the rubber blade makes an unusually defective touch on the windshield surface while wiping.

Windshield Wiping System

Windshield wiping system consists of Wiper Motor, Wiper Link, Wiper Arm and Wiper Blade.

Wiper Motor

Wiper Motor There are 2 types of wiper motor, according to field generation as follows: - Wound-Rotor Type: Using a coil of wire around an iron axle to create a magnetic field - Ferrite Magnet Type: Using a permanent ferrite magnet to create a magnetic field Ferrite magnet type has recently been developed. This compact sized, light-weighted motor that sends out its current in a definite direction is now widely used.

Wiper Link

Wiper link’s role is to change the movement of wiping motor, from a rotating movement to a swaying movement of the wiper shaft. There are 2 types of wiper link as follows: - Wire Type - Link Type The most widely used type today is link type.

Wiper Arm

Wiper arm comprises of the following components: - Arm Head: This part is attached to the wiper shaft - Spring: To ensure that wiper blade is pushed closely against the windshield - Arm piece: For installation of wiper blade - Retainer: To cover up all of the components

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