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Front brake (Disc) TOYOTA CAMRY 2.2 SXV10-20 , CORONA EXSIOR, RAV 4

Bendix Metal King Titanium They’re made from a specifically developed compound formulated to deliver real metal duty performance for all sorts of load carrying situations, The pads also come with an exclusive insulation layer between the friction material and backing plate for cooler braking and longer rotor life.

data Specifications

Type Front brake
Operating characteristics Sport / Truck
2,290 Baht

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Product/Service Warranty period/distance Warranty condition
Brake pad (lining)/ brake caliper 6 months unlimited mileage
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Note : B-Quik reserves the right to take approximately 6-8 weeks to investigate into the cause of defects of the product by sending the product to the supplier for examination. The warranty shall terminate or not apply in case the vehicle is being utilized for commercial purposes. Customer must purchase the product to use while waiting for the outcome from examination. If the outcome demonstrates that defects are the result of production error or installation error by B-Quik, the Company shall take responsibility by providing refund for the product in proportion to the remaining life of the product (In accordance with the conditions prescribed)
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