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Refrigerant replace+Vaccum (Japanese car)

Refrigerant replace + vacuum (Japanese cars)

The refrigerant change is to absorb the old refrigerant that is contaminated with moisture that causes the air conditioner to not cool. Then a vacuum is created to remove any residual moisture. and then add new refrigerant to the correct amount from computer calculations

Normal Price
950 Baht
Discount value 51.- on checkout page when buying via website

Product/Service Warranty period/distance Warranty condition
Note : B-Quik reserves the right to take approximately 6-8 weeks to investigate into the cause of defects of the product by sending the product to the supplier for examination. The warranty shall terminate or not apply in case the vehicle is being utilized for commercial purposes. Customer must purchase the product to use while waiting for the outcome from examination. If the outcome demonstrates that defects are the result of production error or installation error by B-Quik, the Company shall take responsibility by providing refund for the product in proportion to the remaining life of the product (In accordance with the conditions prescribed)
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