B-Quik Promotion Tire waranty

Promotion Tire waranty

Tire waranty

When buying 4 tires at B-Quik and register for B-member

All damages 1 year warranty, change new tyre for free.

  • The warranty will be valid when buying 4 tyres and register for B-Member (per car per receipt) for any brand, pattern and size at B-Quik (only tyres that available in stock or price list).
  • The warranty will be allowed tyre claimed and replaced maximum 4 units per receipt.

  • The warranty is valid for 1 year (365 days) or 25,000 km. (whichever comes first).

  • The warranty is counted from the purchase date or initial mileage number specified on the original invoice. However, after

    changing new tyre from claim process, the warranty is still continued valid or counted from the purchase date or initial

    mileage number specified on the original invoice not from the date of claim.

  • In order to claim, customer must bring the damaged tyre and also present the original invoice and 1 year warranty book at any B-Quik branch for investigation (if the information cannot be verified such as DOT code (on sidewall) etc, B-Quikreserves the right to repudiate the claim).*DOT code specified the company, factory, mold, batch, and date of production (two digits for week of the year plus two digits for year of tyre made).

  • If the damaged tyre is under the condition (tear, cut or bruise) B-Quik will replace with new tyre of the same brand, pattern and size as indicated in the invoice. (In case that the tyre specified in the invoice is no longer produced or not available in stock, B-Quik reserves the right to change into new comparable tyre / If the price of new comparable tyre that B-Quik has in stock is higher than the claimed tyre, customer needs to responsible for the price difference. The price will be calculated from current actual tyre selling price / Customer needs to responsible for the cost of tyre alignment, if necessary)

  • The warranty condition is to change damaged tyre to the new equivalent tyre only (followed B-Quik's cliam policy) cannot be compensated with cash or any discount, not cover damage caused by others part such as suspension, normal wheel and mag/max wheel, also not cover any car accident cost or injury of driver and passenger, loss of opportunities cost and inconvenient cost due to the car is not available for using.

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